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This is a modern tiny cottage on wheels in Fairplay, Colorado. It has a main floor bedroom as well as a sleeping loft accessible by a staircase which is nice.

It’s available to book for vacation rentals. Take the full tour below and let us know what you think. Is this a tiny house design you could see yourself in for more than just a weekend?

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Modern Tiny Cottage in Fairplay, Colorado

Captivating Tiny House for a Summertime Retreat exterior

Images via Glamping Hub

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Here is the Swallowtail historic tiny cabin/studio retreat in Petaluma, CA. The history behind this 2.5-acre property is back in the 70s the property was known as Swallowtail Studios, a famous glass blowers co-op. The American rock band, The Grateful Dead, played in the barn and hung out here often.

This carved and stained teak wood studio retreat is one bedroom with a spacious outdoor deck and hot tub. Just a few steps across the deck is the very large, luxurious, and art-filled private bathroom and sitting area.

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Swallowtail Historic Tiny Cabin/Studio Retreat

Swallowtail Historic Tiny Cabin

Images via Michelle and Bill/Airbnb

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Villa BiG is a guest post by Gary Huffman, a retired army general who built his own 438 sq. ft. tiny cabin as an office and get-away

One theme that is common among military people of all services is that one collects a great deal of memorabilia along the way, either intentionally or unintentionally. These memorabilia may be on display in your workspace, or your den, or packed away in the attic or garage. After thirty-one years I had items scatted among all those places!

I was serving in Iraq in 2005 when I began to consider retirement, however upon my return to the United States circumstances changed. I was selected for a new position in a different city; I was accepted to attend the United States Army War College; and I was promoted to Colonel. All of these were good things and I continued to collect “stuff” along the way.

Villa BiG: Army General’s Tiny Cabin Getaway and Office


Image © Gary Huffman

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