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Meet Clare Colins, one absolutely amazing 60-something who sold her house, paid off her mortgage and got rid of nearly everything she owned to travel Australia in her Mouse House van!

She spent an entire year sleeping every night her van, and then ended up purchasing a little half-acre (which she calls, “Happenstance”) in a rural area where she hopes to create a mini permaculture farm. On the property, where she spends only some of her time when not travelling, she has 16.5 x 13ft. shed house she calls La Shack.

Besides some new timbers necessary to keep it upright, everything else in the La Shack has been either donated, scrounged, repurposed or re-used! Clare is a photographer by trade, so check out some of her artwork below and make sure to tune into the video tour of the van at the end of the post.

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Clare’s Van Life & Her Little Half Acre “Happenstance”

She Sold Her Home in Her 60s to Travel in A Van! 6

Photos by Clare Collins

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