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Meet Vicki: For the better part of a decade she’s been downsizing from her 1,800 square foot home. First down to around 600 and then to 400, and then to about 250 square feet when she retired.

But after three years living tiny, she decided she’d like an addition for guests like her son. And perhaps down the road she’ll choose to sleep down there rather than in her loft bedroom. I love that she isn’t allowing rules or perceptions to keep her from having a home that works for her and her needs!

She has her home in a lovely park in Tennessee, and there’s a huge deck with an outdoor shower overlooking woodlands. Enjoy the Tiny Home Tour below.

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Vicki & Her Pup Loving Secluded THOW Retirement

Vicki Tiny Home 1 3

Images via Tiny House Tours

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