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These are the ingenious Pre-Fab-Multi-Use-Smart-Modules by Casa-Cubo Brazil.

The 30 sq. ft. micro buildings can serve as homes, guest rooms, pool houses or even tiny retail spaces. Some even come with remarkable “living walls” which is totally something I want in or on my house someday. You can see the “Cube House” in both “house” and “retail” mode down below.

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Pre-Fab Multi-Use Smart-Modules by Casa-Cubo Brazil

Images via Casa-Cubo Brazil

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What you’re about to see is not a tiny house. It’s a really interesting situation because it’s a commercial bank building that was most recently owned and operated by Bank of America.

But now, it’s been turned into this man’s humble home. Once a bank, now a home! How about that?

I think you’ll also find this unique bank to house conversion interesting. And don’t miss the video interview/tour below.

Man Turns Old Bank And Repurposes It Into His Very Own Humble Home


I encourage you to get the complete tour below:

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