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This is the Ufogel cabin. Some say it looks like a bird, and others say it looks like a spacecraft. Either way, it’s pretty unique and cool and I thought you may like it. Have you seen this modern tiny cabin called the Ufogel yet?

The Ufogel cabin is on stilts and offers 484-square-foot of living space. It’s really one of a kind, isn’t it? The tiny cabin is located in Austria and available as a vacation rental. How would you like to live or stay in a cabin like this?

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Modern Tiny Cabin Called the Ufogel

UFO-inspired Tiny Cabin

Images © Ufogel

I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you get to see the rest (including inside) below:

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Wanted to show you this awesome treehouse cabin rental that’s on Airbnb.

It’s located in Cave Junction, Oregon and is completely elevated off the ground.

As soon as you just look at it must feel like you’re in some kind of wonderland.

It’s not a complete home (no kitchen or shower) but it does have a half bathroom.

Just don’t expect a kitchen and all of that. If it were mine, I’d officially call it, “The Indiana Jones Sleeper Treehouse,” if that’s not too much.

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Sleeper treehouse cabin

Photo Credit Airbnb.com

Anyways, I encourage you to tour the rest of it below:

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Here’s a 250 square feet micro cabin I thought you might like.

It’s a studio set up but it’s self contained so you’ve got all the amenities you need in here.

There’s a bathroom, water heater, kitchenette, oven, microwave, mini-frig, coffee maker, etc.

And I love the deck out front and how you can open up the doors and windows and get a nice breeze through the house.


I encourage you to take the rest of the tour below:

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This one reminds me of my buddy Deek over at RelaxShacks.com because 1) it’s a micro cabin.

2) It’s really funky. And 3) it’s a an owl cabin! And as far as I know, Deek likes owls.

The owl house also reminds me of Deek’s UB30 cabin that he built for his brother Dustin for his 30th birthday. So in case you’re interested in staying in the micro owl cabin, it’s located in Sandhills, Hightown, United Kingdom.

The Owl House Micro Cabin


Either way, I encourage you to take the full virtual tour of it below:

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Here’s an off grid micro cabin I just had to show you.

It’s too small for full-time living unless you’re going with the bare minimum.

I think it’s a great way to try out the simple life while on vacation.

Way more of an experience than a hotel if you ask me.

Tiny Off Grid Cabin Vacation Rental

So let me give you the rest of the tour below:

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If you love tiny houses but seriously question whether you think you’d be able to live in one or not long term renting one is a great way to figure that out.

And although expensive, it costs much less money and time than building one and finding out the hard way that it isn’t right for you.

So for those of you sort of on the fence about it, I highly recommend booking your next vacation in a tiny house and getting some real life experience with one first hand.

Trust me because it might end up saving you months of labor and thousands of dollars. Because what if a small house is better for you than a tiny one? Again, best way to find out, is stay in one for a while and experience it.

Update: Unfortunately, this tiny home is no longer at this location and therefore not available for rent anymore. But you can still enjoy a virtual tour below:


So this is Tumbleweed’s latest tiny house design called the Linden. Plans for it should be available soon but they’re not out yet. I’ll let you know when that happens. Get email updates from me here if you want to. Let me give you the complete tour of the Linden below:

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I wanted to show you this tiny cabin with its 18′ vaulted ceilings in Asheville.

It’s a vacation rental you can actually stay in if you wanted and I find it to be the perfect size house.

It’s really spacious compared to a little house on wheels but has a similar design concept.

A cabin that’s a little larger, more spacious, but still very small relative to even today’s smallest homes.

Jenny’s cabin is 16’x25′ so it’s approximately 400-square-feet with a large deck.


And for those of you who don’t like the idea of upstairs sleeping lofts, maybe something like this is what you might want instead? Come on, let’s go inside!


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I ran into this Airstream “tiny house” on Airbnb and just had to share with you.

It has a beautiful deck, hot tub, and an outdoor shower.

Vintage Airstream Tiny House with Deck

This vintage/retro Airstream conversion is such a great way to vacation or even try out tiny living for a weekend if you’re ever in the Wimberley, Texas area.


That looks like the life doesn’t it! Why don’t you check out the rest of this retro tiny house below:

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