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Take a look at this unique staircase to loft in this 206 sq. ft. tiny home. The tiny home was built by a high school teacher in the Netherlands with no prior building experience.

So when you step into the house, the staircase is directly to your right — this is on the rear end of the trailer, opposite of the tongue.

I like it because the design and placement of the staircase makes it look like it’s a completely separate bedroom, doesn’t it?

Staircase to Sleeping Loft in a Tiny House That You’ve Probably Never Noticed Before


Images © Remco Stadhouders

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This is a 206 sq. ft. tiny house located in the Netherlands.

It was designed and built by high-school teacher, Remco Stadhouders, who had no prior experience building.

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206 Sq. Ft. Tiny House Wheels Built by High School Teacher

206 Sq. Ft. Tiny House Built by High-School Teacher

Photo credit: Remco Stadhouders

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