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Today I’m introducing Red Door Tiny Homes, a new tiny house builder in Canada.

You might remember this house from our story of Josh, who started building his own tiny home (debt-free!) at 18 years old. He’s older now, lives in his itty bitty dwelling, and is now ready to build homes for you.

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Red Door Tiny Homes: Tiny Home Builder in Canada

Images via Red Door Tiny Homes

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This is the story of a young man who started building his own mortgage-free tiny house at age 18.

Now, at age 21, Josh and his girlfriend Lindsay are almost done building it and getting ready to move in.

In the beginning, he started the project with a summer job to save money for the trailer and building materials.

Three years later, he’s almost finished! And Josh is proud to say that he’s kept the project debt-free.

He also decided to start his own tiny house construction company called Red Door Tiny Homes. He offers tiny house framing plans and building services.

At Age 18, He Started Building this Debt-free Tiny Home

Mortgage-free Tiny House 001

Images © Exploring Alternatives via YouTube

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