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Jesse started his tiny journey as a van-lifer, before upgrading to his own DIY tiny house on wheels, with clapboarding inside and out created from old fencing that was going to be thrown away!

The use of reclaimed materials allowed him to spend just $20,000 on his home. Jesse (@_moving_castles) even built the house around old windows he had salvaged. The whole thing runs off-the-grid, with a solar setup and rainwater collection system that feeds the home’s plumbing and indoor shower (he chose an outhouse for his toilet, since he didn’t want bathroom germs mixing with his kitchen area).

I particularly love the layout of his THOW, with the staircase at the back of the home, allowing more useable space in the main living areas. Enjoy the video tour with Bryce from Living Big in a Tiny House at the end of the post.

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His Off-Grid THOW on a 400 Acre Farm

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