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If you’ve ever been interested in reducing the amount of waste you create, there’s a lot to learn from this woman’s zero-waste lifestyle thanks to Exploring Alternatives.

Mailyne is a single mom who’s passionate about reducing, refusing, reusing, recycling and rotting. She has all of the garbage she has created in the past year in one small glass jar, and she said most of it is stickers from fresh produce!

Mailyne uses glass containers and brings them to the store to buy her groceries. In addition, she makes her own toothpaste, potato chips and mouthwash. Mailyne even composts what she can at her friend’s or parent’s backyard because the place where she lives doesn’t have a composting option. Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thank you!

Single Mom Shares Her Zero-Waste Lifestyle!


Images © Exploring Alternatives via YouTube

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