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I love when our readers share what they’re doing to make tiny houses in their own way and this tiny backyard hobby house is one of them.

They’ve been collecting unwanted windows that would have otherwise just been thrown away. And once they had enough of them…

They built this tiny little house in the backyard. I like to call it a tiny hobby house. But it’s also very much like a micro greenhouse, too. Our hope is that it might inspire you to use old windows too!

One of my favorite parts about it are the real trees and plants that are able to grow inside and how they included space to plant them as part of the design. Pretty cool, right? I hope you enjoy below and if you want to feel free to re-share and inspire others to possibly do the same.

Group Builds Tiny Hobby House Using Reclaimed Windows


Images © Elina Cullen

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Today’s post topic will be structured and made out of pallets…

Pallets are pretty abundant and easy to acquire. Often, they can even be free.

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From Scrap to Shelter: Building a Pallet Cabin

Tiny Free Pallet House by Michael Janzen

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