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Guest Post – Garden Reading-Writing Room (Writing Shed)

My wife, finding it hard to write with me under foot, asked if I would built her a place where she could write without distraction. Given our small yard I knew that whatever I built would, by necessity, also need to be small.

I poured a concrete pad (26” x 52”), milled rough redwood 4×4’s and 1″ x 8″ fence boards, laminated copper onto concrete board and pieced together a room, of sorts, that serves the purpose and adds to the yard. I included an outlet and a light which makes the pearl plexiglass glow at night like a large Japanese lantern. In the day time the doors open up to the garden and the sun shines through a clear plexiglass ceiling strewn with marbles.

Awesome Husband Builds Micro Writing Shed for his Wife


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