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Every so often I enjoy doing some Q&A on tiny houses and simple living.

And what usually prompts me to do it is an email or question in the comments from other readers.

So here’s a question I got yesterday along with my thoughts. I’d love to read through your thoughts and suggestions too.

Family Desperate to Downsize/Simplify

Below is a copy of the email I received. Let’s let the sender remain anonymous.

Subject: needing to downsize and simplify with a quickness

Message: Hey Alex. I am such a fan. I have been following you on you
tube for a few months now. The Tiny house movement is everything i am
into. Here is my delima… My husband and I just moved up here to
Alaska just over a year ago. Getting a bank to back us for land and a
build, not easy. We are a family of 4. We both work and feel like
hampsters on a neverending wheel. We work to pay rent and so the cycle
continues every month. How do we get out from under it and on our way to how it ought to be?

Pretty tough question, right?

If you want, read my response/thoughts below then add your own in the comments at the bottom.

I have a feeling there are many of us who feel like this too and by us sharing our own experiences, thoughts and tips, we can really make a world of difference for others who are trying to do the same.

Blue Tiny House with a Garage

Photo by Alex Pino

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