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Bryant is no stranger to living tiny! He had spent almost a year living in a van (and not a converted van, just a van he slept in) before deciding he wanted something homier and purchased a bus. He later met Arissa, traveled and worked with her, and then they got to building out this gorgeous skoolie!

Unlike many skoolie conversions, they chose to use residential windows in their build. They also wanted a TV without needing to look at it all the time, so they have it pop up out of their mantle! In the bathroom, you’ll find beautiful tile work set with flexible mortar, and the kitchen features live-edge countertops. Tell us your favorite part in the comment.

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Raised-Roof Skoolie w/ Residential Windows

The Juniper Gypsy Has a Hidden TV, Swivel Driver’s Seat and Tiled Shower

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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