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This is the story of a World War 2 railway train car turned tiny house! It’s very artistic but also functional, for example, the large multi-functional sink in the kitchen and the rather spacious and luxurious bathroom. I think you’ll really appreciate this little home. According to Dan and Annabel, on the Living Big In A Tiny House episode, the couple who own it, spent somewhere between $25,000-$30,000 to build it (including the cost of acquiring the train car).

One of the most noticeable features is how they cut a hole in the roof to add on a roof addition with windows that give you relaxing views, the feeling of more spaciousness, and it also helps ventilate the house during the summer as well as keep heat in during the winter. Just wait until you see the full video tour below then please let us know what you think of Dan and Annabel’s incredible train car tiny house in the comments. It’s pretty theatrical, isn’t it?

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They Turned A WW2 Railway Train Car Into A Theatrical And Functional Tiny Home!

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