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It seems to me like many of the people who are embracing the tiny lifestyle are those who are looking for a sense of freedom in their lives.

Many tiny house builders and dwellers are also entrepreneurs or otherwise self-employed. Those who work for other companies are doing so on a remote basis to be able to work from home and have a better work/life balance.

To earn extra money, we have Piglet sell things on the internet.

To earn extra money, we have Piglet sell things on the internet.

But it is one thing to work from home in a 2700 square foot house and another to do it from 120 square feet.

Just like there is no one right answer for everyone on which tiny house they should build or how small they should go, there isn’t one right way to work from home in your tiny house. See below to read a few things I’ve learned along the way as I’ve been working and living out of 120 square feet.

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You are about to learn some things you didn’t know about me plus…

1) Some funny and interesting corrections from the News-Press article I was in

2) How I’m earning a living and

3) An awesome action shot I took of somebody doing a CRAZY kiteboard jump.

There were some comments on the News-Press article that I appreciate being brought up but wanted to correct real quick.

It says that Andrea (the awesome woman that I’ve been with for the last five years) is preparing to become a yoga instructor. I guess this statement understandably led a reader to make the assumption that she is unemployed and does nothing but “prepare to be a yoga teacher” when that is very far from the truth…

The reality is she works full time as a real estate paralegal and already is a yoga instructor – she teaches 2-3 classes of yoga per week and even finds the time to build and run her own web site. She works harder than 99% of people that I know.

And as for me, thankfully, nobody (including Andrea) has had to help me financially. You will find that out for yourself later as I share some of my online business adventures.

You should know that I am very grateful to be able to do what I’m doing, but I won’t let you believe that it was EASY for me to do it. It wasn’t, it still isn’t, and it has required for me to risk a lot while making some decisions that just seemed plain stupid at the time.

But I know that the long term pay off is worth it and I owe my last 15 months of being able to build my own small business full time to…

  • Saving money while I was working full time because I knew I wanted to do this
  • Getting rid of and being happy with way less stuff since 2007 (we haven’t been perfect, but hey)
  • No more car payments since 2008 (yes we’ve been to the mechanic more than I wish, but it’s still made a huge difference… I think about going completely car-less a lot)
  • Being able to read inspiring stories and interacting with people who are making a living online

It was September of 2009 when I left my job with $7,542 in the bank. I saved $314 per paycheck for a year. I was a man on a mission. The day I left my job was scary yet exciting because I knew what I wanted to do.

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