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Ann Holley is a student at Alfred University at the Museum of Fine Arts.

A few short years ago she and her partner Darren Macca decided to build their own tiny house of just 125 square feet.

Off-the-Grid Tiny House

It was originally located on the property of AU and it is completely off the grid.

The house uses solar power for electricity and the refrigerator and oven are powered by propane.

ProtoHaus Tiny House Project

On the outside it’s 22′ long and it’s 8′ 6″ wide. Inside it’s 17′ and 7′ 6″.

So it’s 125 square feet inside without including the 9′ by 7′ 6″ sleeping loft.

There’s also a front porch where you can sit and relax.

The entire house is built on a trailer so that it’s easy to transport.

Interior Design

When you walk in through the front door there are two closets on each side so that there’s room for your stuff.

Directly above that area there’s an overhead loft space for more storage. There’s also a little window up there.

In the opposite side is the sleeping loft which looks welcoming and open. The dormers give you more space and light.

ProtoHaus Tiny House Project
Screenshot YouTube AlfredUniv

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