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This is The Solo tiny house by Avframe USA. It’s intended as a tiny home, studio, office, home gym, or hobby space.

There are currently three models of The Solo to choose from: 140-sq.-ft., 180-sq.-ft., and 250-sq.-ft. Pricing ranges from $12,300 to $31,525 (subject to change). Learn more below.

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The Solo Tiny House by Avrame USA

The Solo Tiny House by Avrame USA

Images via Avrame USA

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This is a 746-sq.-ft., 2-bedroom prefab home on stilts by Deltec Homes. I know it’s not very tiny, but we love featuring small homes too!

It’s a one-story, 32-ft. diameter energy-efficient compact home that’s available as a shell or turnkey. The shell starts at $75,000-$118,000 depending on your options while the turnkey begins from $290,000-$450,000. What do you think?  

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32-ft. Diameter Prefab Home by Deltec Homes

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Modern Cabana was started in 2004 in San Francisco, California. It’s a private family owned business that specializes in high quality small pre-fab buildings.

They’re nicely designed and intended to be that solution to your personal needs. Like a writing nook, office, get away, studio, tiny guest house, etc.

Models and Pricing

10 x 12 starts at $11,500

10 x 16 starts at $13,800

12 x 20 starts at $26,600

12 x 25 starts at $30,980

12 x 25 studio w/ bath and kitchen $67,500

Dog house $500

Kids playhouse $1,500

Pictures and Screenshots

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