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Built back in the 1960s, this prefab house still stands strong today. Owner, Jens Risom, a legendary furniture designer, had this small house built on a seven acre plot of land located at the northern tip of Block Island, Rhode Island.

When he had the house built he knew exactly how he wanted it positioned on the lot to allow the most amount of sunlight inside. Risom says his favorite times of day are early morning and late afternoon.

The home is bolted down on a foundation to stay strong during winter winds and rough weather conditions. There are two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a sleeping loft, large living and dining area and kitchen.

At age 97, Risom still visits the island. There’s something peaceful about the island. It’s a unique feeling when you are there. Maybe because he has created so many family memories here over time. Now his grandchildren also come to visit the beach home.

Please enjoy and re-share the tour, video and interview below. Thank you.

Jens Risom’s Oceanside Prefab Cottage


Image © John Zimmerman
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Is it a shipping container converted into a modern small house? Nope, it’s a 550 sq. ft. modern prefabricated house located in Alicante, Spain.

Combining the collaborated efforts of architect, Daniel Martí i Pérez of DMP Arquitectura and designers, Jurgen Van Weereld and Karin Giesberts,  they created and built this house.

They decided to build this prototype prefab house to test their ideas for more sustainable and affordable housing. By using light weight prefabricated panels they help speed up the construction process by not having to use heavy equipment or tons of labor.

To keep cost low they went with a rectangular shaped house which at first I thought it was a shipping container.

In this small space they managed to fit a master bedroom, second room/study, bathroom and kitchen. With of course plenty of outdoor space for hanging out or dining al fresco.

550 Sq. Ft. Modern Prefab House in Spain


Images © Architect Daniel Martí i Pérez of DMP Arquitectura

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Take a look at this modern prefab micro house.

I love the outdoor wooden porch area that they designed for this tiny house.

The Swedish architect Jonas Wagell joined forces with Sommarnojen to create this modern prefab micro house.

You can see the sleek modern European flair in this design.

Micro Housing Concept

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These Australian designed prefab container houses are called Podd by the makers. They are designed to meet coding requirements and have a modern design inside and out.

Their website says that they have an estimated 5 hour construction time, which is very impressive. They use hydraulic lifts to raise the roof to save time.

The design is being targeted to mining companies to help with employee moral!

The houses are made using shipping containers. The additional walls, ceilings, and floor structure are constructed using Austral exflam sandwich panel composite.

Check it out.

Prefab Shipping Container House Inside Prefab Shipping Container House - Podd

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