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Cindy downsized from her four-bedroom home into this stunning one-bedroom Deluxe Casita from Better Built Structures — and she did it all on one income, paying cash as she went! Local builders helped her finish out the floor plan she designed, and now she has a wonderful debt-free home to live in throughout her later years.

The house is 16×40, which is definitely more “small” than tiny, but her story is still an inspiration. The interior has a full kitchen on one end, and a spacious ground-floor bedroom with an ensuite bathroom. What I love about her home is all the furniture and knickknacks she included — it’s classy and elegant, and shows that you can keep plenty of personality in your little home. She even has a China cabinet!

Check out the photo tour below, and then read Cindy’s story after the pictures.

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Retiring in Debt-Free 16×40 Deluxe Casita

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