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Have you ever watched the television show called Portlandia? Well, recently, they did a funny tiny house living satire which if you like humor like I do, you might get a few laughs out of it (even though they’re kind of poking fun at micro homes which is okay, right?). They visited America’s first official Tiny House Hotel in Portland to film the skit.

I always like to mention how tiny living isn’t for everyone (especially if you have to share your tiny house with somebody else). And in this one minute and thirty second clip of this Portlandia episode, you’ll get to see some funny reasons why it just doesn’t work out for some people (more specifically, couples and families).

Sharing a tiny house isn’t always easy. And if you’ve shared a small space with someone before, you know how funny daily moments can be. This video will definitely make that point while probably making you laugh too. So get your sense of humor out then please enjoy the video below and re-share it if you’d like to at the bottom. Thanks!

Portlandia Tiny House Living Satire

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