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This is a tiny cottage in Portland, Oregon with a fun, contemporary shape and feel.

You can’t help but notice the bright purple clapboards that encapsulate the house. A slanted, shed-style roof gives the home a unique roof line, and the large front windows provide plenty of natural light. The beautiful wooden deck gives you extra living space outdoors.

When you go inside, you’ll find knotty pine floors and ceilings with a large paneled accent wall in the living space. A bright blue sectional couch sits in the living room and the L-shaped kitchen lies in the opposite corner. It has open shelving for plates, dishes, and food as well as an oven, dishwasher, full fridge and freezer, and microwave. On the other side of the house is the bedroom with a queen bed and more sitting chairs. The bathroom even has a cool claw-foot tub where you can soak after a long day of travel and/or exploration!

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Tiny Purple Cottage in Portland

Purple Tiny Cottage in Portland 001

Images © Amanda via Airbnb

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