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Tiny houses on wheels are great for many reasons, one being their portability. But if you aren’t interested in living on wheels, how about the M.A.DI., an Italian-built tiny house that actually unfolds?

This prototype can be assembled in 6-7 hours with just three workers and comes in a number of sizes and configurations (with tons of customization options) from around 290 to 760 sq. ft. You can also add M.A.DI. structures to one another to create a deeper or wider space.

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M.A.DI: The Italian Tiny House That Unfolds!

Images via M.A.DI. Home

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These are proposed designs for Salt and Water’s Portable Tiny House that’s not on wheels.

It’s an eco-friendly space that both opens to the outdoors and closes up for transport.

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Salt and Water’s Portable Tiny House (not on wheels!)


Images © Salt and Water

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Just hitch your portable tiny house to your vehicle and tow it anywhere you want to go! It’s even registered as an RV, which has its pros and cons.

Of course, the major advantage to a “mobile” home like this is that you can travel and have a place to stay. However, because of its RV status, Darren Macca and partner Ann Holley had to make some concessions with appliances and the method by which the home was built.

RV appliances are more expensive than say, similarly-sized apartment-sized appliances, but without knowing if they would always have access to a power line, they had to forgo the less expensive route. You can see some of the highlights in the video below.

Couple’s Portable Tiny House on Wheels + Airstream-like Office

Couple's Portable Tiny House + Airstream-like Office

Images © YouTube/Faircompanies

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