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This is a review of the Jackery 300 Solar Generator. The Solar Generator is essentially the Explorer 300 Portable Power Station plus a 100W SolarSaga Solar Panel which gives you the ability to generate emissions-free energy using the sun.

The power bank unit weighs just 7.1 lbs so it’s small, lightweight, portable, and it has a 293Wh capacity. It can recharge your phone 30 times, your laptop 4 times, and your drone around 5 times. For its size and weight, it’s pretty impressive and incredibly handy.

The launch of Jackery brand-new product kicks off at on 8pm PDT on #JackeryDay 5/12. Watch the live stream product release worldwide on Jackery official website and social media.

Reviewing a 7.1 lb Portable Power Generator with Solar Charging

Jackery 300 Solar Generator Review 001

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