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This couple, Doug and Stacy, left the modern life for off-grid living in a pioneer cabin on their own land. This story, by the way, is brought to you thanks to Living Big In A Tiny House and Doug and Stacy.

Doug comes from a sales background. Now, they live a completely different life. And they love it. He figured out how to build a log cabin in 90 days. They even have their own horse and buggy! By the way, they left the city and have been doing this for over 7 years now.

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They Left The City And Went Off-Grid Pioneer Style…

youtu.be-paYRlrIgT20 (10)

Images via Living Big In A Tiny House/YouTube

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This is the tiny cabin and Sprinter van conversion of Brian Moss.

He’s a photographer who hired Bear Creek Tiny Houses to build the cabin over ten years ago. Brian also travels in his Sprinter van conversion which you can also see below.

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Brian Moss’ Tiny Cabin and Sprinter Van Conversion!


Images © Brian Moss

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This is the Fossickers Hut tiny pioneer cabin in Canvastown, Marlborough, New Zealand.

It’s a vacation rental cabin with a covered front porch, outdoor tub, and outdoor kitchen.

When you step inside, you’ll find a kitchen, living area, studio bed, and an upstairs sleeping loft.

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Fossickers Hut Tiny Pioneer Cabin

Fossickers Hut Pioneer Style Tiny Cabin 001

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