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This is an announcement for the latest issue of the Tiny House Magazine from Kent Griswold’s Tiny House Blog.

Like usual, Issue 54 is a digital magazine filled with all kinds of valuable tiny house stories, pictures and more. Articles include:

  • Shanty Boats
  • Builder of the Month (Nook Tiny Homes)
  • Five Minutes with John and Fin
  • Seen & Scene
  • Get Rich Quick
  • Code Compliant
  • Living the Tiny Off-Road Life
  • Making Room for the Things You Love
  • All the Things I Want to Say About Money But Never Do
  • Sunshine On My Tiny Makes Me Happy
  • The Last Call
  • And more!

You get 86 pages of pictures, information and more. To purchase, head over to Tiny House Magazine.

Shanty Boats and Sunshine: Tiny House Magazine Issue 54

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I wanted to let you know that Tiny House Magazine Issue 18 by Kent Griswold has just been released.

It’s almost 60 pages of tiny housing goodness in digital PDF form so you can either print it out, read it on your Kindle, iPad, or any other device really.

Many of you are already familiar with Kent’s Tiny House Magazine but if you’re not… It’s a digital magazine so it’s not available in physical format.

Tiny House Magazine Issue 18


=> Learn more and/or buy and download this issue (and any other previous issues too if you want) over at Tiny House Magazine.

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