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The Mini-B is a tiny house with an upstairs sleeping loft. But there’s a larger alternative floor plan design that includes a downstairs bedroom that I’ll show you below. The house was designed by Architect Joseph Giampietro as a detached backyard accessory dwelling unit for the City of Seattle area.

The model shown below has 300 square feet of interior space and the vaulted ceilings do a great job of making it look and feel spacious. The modern tiny cabin is surrounded with 9″ of EPS foam (see below) to help make it very energy efficient.

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Mini-B Prefab 300-sq.-ft. Modern Tiny Home

Mini-B Prefab Passive Modern Tiny House

Photo Credits: Mini-B Passive House

How’d you like to have a small home with an electric bill of less than $9/month?

You can see the rest of the Mini-B and learn more about it below:

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