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Meet Marthe and Jed and their bus conversion named Lloyd! The couple have two adorable little girls and live/travel in their passenger bus turned home in Australia.

Jed used to travel for work and was rarely home, but he spent 18 months of his free time making Lloyd into a wonderful house for his family. Now Marthe (@runningwld_mama) works online as an infant sleep consultant and the family gets to be together all the time — how special!

The couple only spent around $26,000 USD (including the bus cost) for their bus home. Because their rig is off-grid, their only monthly expense other than groceries/gas is $36 in bus insurance. Choosing minimalism has really paid off for this family!

We got to do a Q&A with Marthe which you can read below the photos. Be sure to watch her IGTV video tour of their bus at the end too.

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Family’s Off-Grid Passenger Bus Turned Home

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