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This DIY pallet house is a guest post by Priscilla Crighton – share yours!

This is a pallet house built by engineering student, Angus Hughes. The house is located on his family property on the outskirts of Rockhampton and is just about water proof. 

There’s no running water but electricity is available courtesy of a durable power cord running from the family shed.

“The size of the pallets dictated the size of the house which is three pallets high, three pallets wide and five pallets long,” Angus said. “The exterior and interior walls are made from pallets while the floor has been created from packing timber which was donated by a local glazing business.”

The second year civil engineering student, who is currently studying at Central Queensland University, recently moved in a few modern conveniences – fridge, TV and barbecue – along with beds and other furniture made by his father, making it the perfect student pad. Please enjoy, learn more and re-share below. Thank you!

Student Builds Recycled Pallet Tiny House


Images © Peter Lawrence

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Today’s post topic will be structured made out of pallets…

Pallets are pretty abundant and easy to acquire. Most of the time they can be free.

So, let’s explore…

First I’d like to you check out this housing solution by I-Beam Design, “The Pallet House”.

The average life of a Refugee camp is 7 years, with some exceeding beyond 50 years. There is a need for an alternative shelter to the typical tent solution that can transform a temporary living condition into a permanent home.
Pallet House by I-Beam Design, was conceived as a transitional shelter for returning Refugees.
I-Beam-Design, Suzan Wines, Azin Valy, New York, NY

I couldn’t get the video to show up here, so I’ll have to just give you the link… Pallet House I Beam Design on YouTube (Opens in a new window)

It looks very good, especially for a pallet house.

Check out Michael Janzen’s Tiny Free House…

Tiny Free Pallet House by Michael Janzen

Image © Michael Janzen

I love his idea of building this on a trailer. Go check out his blog Tiny Free House.

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