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This is what I’ve dubbed the “Welcome to the Future,” the latest tiny house from Liberation Tiny Homes in Pennsylvania.

The model is currently for sale, brimming with all kinds of modern, sleek, and even retro-feeling elements. I really love the funky exterior shape, that looks almost like something from the Jetsons!

Want to purchase it? Have questions? Get in touch with Liberation here. More details about the build and specifications on the last page.

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Welcome to the Future: New Liberation Tiny Home

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This is Cedar Country Charm Tiny House on Wheels that’s for sale on Tiny House Finder in Pennsylvania.

The 24′ long house features a gorgeous wooden interior, but I love the faux stone backsplash in the kitchen. I think I could put those fake stones everywhere! It has two lofts, one accessible by a great storage staircase, and the bathroom has a stunning corrugated metal shower stall and a Nature’s Head composting toilet.

For all the details and to contact the owner, check out the listing on Tiny House Finder.

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Cedar Country Charm Tiny House on Wheels, PA

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