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Do you have a small space but still want to be able to enjoy outdoor furniture?

I received these photos in a forward from one of our readers, John M.

This furniture design is perfect if you have an outside area that serves multiple functions because you can easily stack the entire furniture set so that it occupies minimal space.

Hideaway Patio Set for Small Outdoor Spaces

When it’s stacked it doesn’t require more space than what you need to stand in a room.

Once you unstack the set it becomes four chairs, a table and a cushions.

Thank you, John, for sharing. If you know the manufacturer or designer of the chairs please share in the comments.

If you know who took the photos please let me know as well as I’d love to show proper credit. Thanks!

Stackable Patio Set for Small Outdoor Spaces Four Lounge Chairs and a Table that Stack into One

Photo Credits and Design By: Dedon

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