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Do you wish you could rent a space on sites like Airbnb to make money, but think your home isn’t set up for sharing?

Hosting and home sharing isn’t just for people with second homes, and doesn’t have to mean sharing your bathroom with strangers every morning.

This savvy Airbnb host has two separate listings on her property – an amazing gypsy trailer and a cute backyard cabin – but neither are actually in her house.

She added two cool, tiny spaces to her property to gain rental income without taking on major construction projects, and while maintaining some privacy for she and her guests.

Take a look at what you can do with a keen eye for design and a little hard work.

The Gypsy Trailer

Caroyln's Gypsy Trailer on Wheels

© Airbnb.com

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This is a tiny retro cottage called the Sparrow House in Bend, OR.

It’s one of three cottages on the property that you can vacation in.

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The Sparrow House Retro Cottage in Oregon

Retro Sparrow Cottage in Bend, OR

Images © Airbnb

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