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This is the story of Barbara Diaz and her micro cottage on wheels that she designed and built herself just a few years back. And believe it or not, it’s still not completely finished! Don’t we hear that a lot from many tiny housers?

It’s almost like a home is never really finished right? That’s probably because we’re always evolving and changing (and so is just about everything around us), so as everything changes, so do our needs, and therefore, so does our home! So anyway, here’s an update from Barbara and her micro cottage on wheels down in Florida (Okeechobee). Unfortunately, like many other tiny homeowners, Barbara ran into issues with parking when the RV park was sold, but she ultimately overcame the problem and found a new home in a nearby park.

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Barbara’s Okeechobee Florida Tiny House Life (A 2020 Update)

Barbaras Okeechobee Florida Tiny House Life in 2020 001

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