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This DIY Off Road Tiny Nissan Truck Camper a guest story by Bartek Felski

It started with browsing in search of inspiration from enthusiasts gathered around Bajataco (Toyota Tacoma fans) who presented on its website an interesting solution based on the basic premise – the car block is unchanged. Contrary to serious limitations as the width of container in many cases managed to ingeniously solved living space. The problem was, however, one – I have not found similar conversions on a short four-door Nissan’s chest.

In “daily” – alcove with seats in the rear of the car. Under the seats there are lockers. Above the rear axle will place extra fuel tank (length 153cm) and cupboard over it with a folding table top (when unfolded will serve as a bed). Version of “Night” is a complex table and thus occasioned bed for 2 persons with dimensions 120cm x 172cm. At the top is unfolded will also be organized bed measuring 120cm x 172cm, partly overlapping the lower bed. The height difference between them is 55cm.

Teacher Designs/Builds DIY Off Road Toyota Tacoma Camper

Teacher Builds DIY Off Road Toyota Tacoma Camper 0016

Images © Bartek Felski

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