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Jennifer purchased 42 acres on the Fleurieu Peninsula in Australia back in 2016. At the time it was a complete blank slate, and she’s added paddocks, a rainwater catchment system, a solar array, a vegetable garden, trees and her amazing industrial shipping container home!

She even went so far as to get her home and alternative systems completely “council-approved,” meaning they meet the local building regulations and she shouldn’t have any headaches regarding her property. She owns all kinds of animals including horses, sheep, goats and alpacas.

On her blog, Tiny House Sustainable Living, she’s writing weekly updates about her journey: From dealing with the council to choosing her design to stewarding her property and animals. There’s so much we can learn from her, but first, enjoy the tour of her tiny home!

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She Turned An Industrial Shipping Container Into A Farmhouse Cottage!

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