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I love Jordana’s lifestyle because it shows that you can enjoy the benefits of alternative lifestyles without necessarily owning anything — not even a van! She and her fiance rent two fun off-grid structures: A straw bale cabin and a little cob cabin, each of which are about 220 square feet, in Southern Oregon.

While the couple wanted to escape the city and jump into cob-building their own home right away, they decided to take it slow and learn to live in these structures and develop “land skills” before taking the plunge — which is so wise!

Jordana (@jordana_moon_home on Instagram) explains in our Q&A with her (read it all at the end of the post!) that they are more or less “glamping” with nothing more than 12V batteries to power a couple light bulbs and charge their phones, plus no internet access and no hot water in the cabins, which is a huge shift from city life. But in the process, they are getting closer to nature and learning more about how little they can live with and still love life.

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Off-Grid Life in Strawbale and Cob!

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