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Meet Jesse: A (now-adult) who built his Off-Grid Tiny Cabin in the woods of Maine as a teenager, back before people were really using the term “tiny house.”

Besides being made from 80% recycled material, Jesse built most of the rustic abode by hand “with a saw and an axe.” It’s very primitive with a wood stove, gravity-fed “running” water, composting outhouse, and outdoor brick oven, but it’s a work of art that Jesse made with his own two hands.

He filled it with food bought in bulk, books, his photography and editing equipment (including a huge Mac that you’d expect in a high-end modern home!) and tons of camping/outdoorsy accouterments. Be sure to watch his video tour! And if you check out his Instagram, you can see he’s made some updates and is living there with Jayne.

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Jesse’s Off-Grid Tiny Cabin in Maine, Built with Axe & Saw

Jesse's Off-Grid Tiny Cabin in Maine

Screenshots via YouTube/Dylan Magaster

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