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Here’s an awesome 144 square foot tiny house that’s similar to a yurt. The wooden octagon is a lovely private getaway secluded on 100 acres of wild land.

There’s a comfortable bed inside the cabin, along with an electric fireplace that keeps the place warm. A heated outhouse nearby houses a composting toilet.

Wait until you see the craftsmanship on the ceiling of this yurt! Check it out on Airbnb.

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Secluded Yurt-Style Cabin in the Woods

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Remember the owners of Tiffany the Tiny House and how they had purchased an island and were building a tiny octagonal foundation home to use as a rental? Well, the house is now complete!

Tim & Sam temporarily moved into the vacation spot on Shellmate Island (@shellmateisland on Instagram) so they can work out the kinks and get it ready for guests. Soon enough they’ll be putting it on Airbnb (we’ll keep you posted!) and you can enjoy a piece of their island paradise! You might also like to hear that they got approval to build the home and worked with zoning/building regulators to get it “legal.”

The 320 square foot home structure came from Deltec Homes. According to the couple, “Its unique octagon shape and custom truss system has given this home design a 99.9% success rate in the last 50 years to all major category 5 hurricanes throughout the world, making this the strongest tiny house on a foundation in the world!” Wow!

They are moving Tiffany this week from the campground where they’ve been parked and are bringing her “home” to Shellmate Island!

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Tim & Sam’s Octagon Home on Shellmate Island is Complete!

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