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I’m so excited to show you this micro apartment in NYC that was photographed by David Engelhardt for Dwell Magazine.

Living in a place like NYC forces you to make the most of the space you have. That’s why the city is filled with so many fascinating small spaces, like this one.

Micro Apartment in NYC

How much can you fit into 240 square feet? This apartment/studio will give you a great idea of what might be possible in just about any small living space.

This masterfully designed space was designed and created by Brooklyn architect Tim Seggerman with inspiration from furniture designer George Nakashima.


Photo by David Engelhardt via Dwell

The entire apartment is a master class in finish carpentry: There are cabinets of cypress and bamboo; a gently chamfered ash-and-beech staircase; flooring of quartered white oak; a desk of red birch slats that slips out into the living space. The lighting in the loft, much of it recessed behind panels of papyrus, lends the space a subtlety that doubles the sense of warmth. “It’s basically a piece of woodwork,” says Seggerman. “I’m very proud of that.” (Source)

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no-impact-man-documentaryYesterday I watched the No Impact Man Documentary. It was an interesting look at what a family would have to go through to really let go of everything that’s familiar and do what’s right for the environment.

It’s about a family husband, wife and young daughter who go completely all out in New York City. They started to use bicycles, shut off their power, bought and ate only locally grown food, composted, got rid of TV, didn’t buy anything new, etc.

By watching you could see how difficult it was for them to give up much of these things. But as it continues you begin seeing how they benefit from all of the changes…

They start spending more time together, having fun doing simple things, they go outside more, become healthier, support the local farmers and cause nearly zero waste.

What I learned from the film is that we cannot do everything because it can be too extreme for ourselves and everyone around us. Especially in an NYC apartment. But we can do what we can, and we should do more little by little.