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This is Norske Mikrohus (@norske_mikrohus on Instagram), a Norwegian tiny home builder and their tiny houses on wheels. I first learned about them when Natalie introduced us to Ida and her incredible tiny house on a Norwegian farm in this post.

Well, right now, I’d like to tell you a little bit about the builder who helped make her tiny house fairytale possible. The company currently offers two models, one is 7.5 meters (24.6-ft.) long and 2.5 meters (8.2-ft.) wide (22 m2 incl. loft, 237-sq.-ft.) and the other is 6.5 meters (21.3-ft.) long and 2.5 meters wide (19.5 m2 inc. loft, 210-sq.-ft.). One starts at 890,000 Krones, and the other at 930,000 (approximately $96,000 USD, and $100,402 USD, respectively).

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Norwegian Tiny Home Builder: Norske Mikrohus and their Tiny Homes on Wheels

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When this writer was seeking for a peaceful retreat he already knew he wanted a tiny writer’s cabin.

So he sought the services of a Norwegian architecture firm Jarmund/Vigsnæs to design a one of a kind geometric writing cottage on the hillside.

There are two areas of the cabin… The living space inside which consists of a desk, fireplace, open area, and a day bed. Then there is the outdoor space surrounded by three walls which also serves as the entrance to the cabin.

173 Sq. Ft. Geometric Tiny Writers Cabin in Norway


Images © Jarmund/Vigsnæs

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