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I discovered these 20 glass igloo tiny houses thanks to Derek Diedricksen’s post on 9/30/11.

A few days later I stumbled onto this video about the vacation village for people wanting to see the Northern Lights in Hotel Kakslauttanen.

Each little dwelling gives you unobstructed views of the sky from the bed you sleep in as long as it doesn’t snow too much.

That’s the point of the design since tourists were already visiting the area to see the spectacular Northern Lights. So why not create a hotel to do that from?

In the video I’m showing you below Deutsch Welle travels to Saariselka, Finland to tour the property so that you can have a look.

Igloo Village boasts 20 Glass Tiny Houses

You can call these unique little structures glass domed igloos if you want to be more specific.

Glass Igloo Tiny House Hotel
Photos Courtesy of Hotel Kakslauttanen

The hotel attracts tourist from around the world, even on the coldest of nights.

The hotel is open every year from December to April when you can enjoy…

  • Safaris
  • Snowmobiles
  • Ice-fishing trips
  • Guided ski treks

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