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If you’re looking to downsize, but under-400 sq. ft. is just too little, consider the Shilling 768 sq. ft. ADU (accessory dwelling unit) by Wishbone Tiny Homes.

This was built for a client on land that already had a larger home on it, and includes two bedrooms (one upstairs, one downstairs — also a loft!) and two baths. Wishbone Tiny Homes is located in Asheville, North Carolina, and they offer a number of ADUs in varying sizes. If you have friends or family that could allow it, you might be able to build an ADU on their property as one option for going tinier. Enjoy!

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The Shilling 768 Sq. Ft. ADU Cottage by Wishbone Tiny Homes

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This is the Roost 36, a family-friendly THOW built by Perch & Nest in North Carolina.

This is the company’s latest build that debuted at the Tiny House NC Street Festival in April. It’s now the official showroom for Perch & Nest and, wow, is it gorgeous.

Perhaps it’s coolest feature? The screened-in porch with retractable screen doors! Take the video tour to get all the details and enjoy the images below.

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Roost 36: The Family-Friendly THOW by Perch & Nest

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