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Tommy and Ashley met in Hawaii and after doing some assorted mission work, they met another couple who lived in a van, and they were inspired to try out nomadic life for themselves. Highly averse to debt, they decided to take a loan out on a 0% interest credit card and complete the build for the $15K they were approved for, promising to pay it back before the interest kicked in.

Amazingly, they did just that and were able to sell their first van, pay off the credit card and then use the funds to convert a second van (seen below). This van was designed with their toddler son in mind, and they were able to include a little play cubby for him, along with a bench seat that gives them an extra safe spot to put his car seat. What do you think of their conversion?

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Their Second Van Conversion Built for Three

Family of Three in DIY Van Conversion 3

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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