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This is the Governor’s Island Tiny House getaway in New York, New York.

This tiny house vacation comes with one of the best views in New York! Happy New Year!

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Governor’s Island Tiny House in New York

Truly Breathtaking Governors Island Getaway Perfect for New York City Glamping – Glamping Hub 1

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This is a very unique two-story tiny house on wheels built by Tiny Houses NYC with an electric lift for the second floor. This means you can actually stand up in what’s normally referred to as the loft area. With a design like this, your loft becomes a legitimate second level.

As one of the tallest two-story tiny home on wheels, it stands at 17′ ft high when elevated and 12.5′ ft when lowered.

What do you think about this tiny house design with a second-floor lift like this? Pretty interesting, isn’t it?

Two-Story THOW With Electric Lift So You Can Stand While In The Second Floor

Two-Story Tiny House on Wheels with Electric Lift for Second Floor 001

Images via Tiny Homes NYC/YouTube

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This is to announce a new tiny house vacation resort in the Catskill Mountains of New York, about two hours away from New York City.

The resort is located on 28 acres overlooking the Catskill Creek and offers guests onsite hiking, kayaking, and more. They’re opening in 2017 with 4 units and expanding to 18 units in 2018 (along with a pool) and featuring several awesome tiny houses you can actually stay in! What do you think?

Tiny Houses You Can Rent in the Catskill Mountains of New York!

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This is a 302 sq. ft. micro apartment at Carmel Place in New York City.

Carmel Place includes 55 similar apartments ranging from 260 to 360 sq. ft.

You can read an interview with the man who lives in the luxury apartment here and watch a video of the space below.

Please enjoy, read more, and re-share below!

Stunning Modern Micro Apartment in New York City

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This micro apartment / studio in New York City is a great example of simple living in the big apple.

Or any city for that matter. It’s a one room space with full kitchen and bathroom in a great location in NYC.

You’re right in Hell’s Kitchen.. Two blocks away from Broadway and Times Square.

The apartment has some nice stylish features as well as some space saving tricks that I’ll show you below.

Micro Apartment Studio in NYC for Rent

Images: Airbnb

As soon as you walk in you’re greeted by the open floor plan with living room and bedroom all-in-one. Immediately to your left is a nicely placed shoe rack. Turn around and there’s your kitchen and bathroom. If you’re interested, let me show you the rest below:

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