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Do you remember the Stella Ruby we showed off last week? Here’s another iteration of Teacup Tiny Home‘s popular Ruby layout, the Gaia. This THOW was built for a couple in New Brunswick, Canada, and despite the white shiplap interior, it’s filled with bold color! The customer chose stunning hunter green for all the cabinets in the home, giving the space a cozy, natural feel.

The exterior siding is a deep charcoal, complemented by a bright yellow door! Tons of windows with muntins give the space a classic feel. The home has two lofts on either end, and the main loft can be completely private from the rest of the house, with a sliding door at the bottom of the back staircase leading up to the room. What do you think of this design?

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30 Ft. Tiny Home w/ Bright Yellow Door

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You might remember the tiny house community that Canadian millionaire Marcel LeBrun was building in Fredericton, New Brunswick. Well, he just placed house #96, meaning they’ve built a house every week since the project started two years ago! Impressive.

While there is still plenty to do, like landscaping and building some of the community structures, it’s a great start to helping the unhoused community in his area. He has been getting requests from folks across the globe on how they can replicate this kind of village! What do you think?

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Canadian Millionaire Works to Help the Unhoused!

They Built a Tiny House a Week for 2 Years! 44

Images via CBC News

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