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Anna and Nick had this adorable tiny house, “Tiny Tahoma,” built for them by Mint Tiny Homes. They came to Acony Bell Tiny Home Community not long ago and love the people who live there and, of course, tiny living.

You’ve never seen a tiny house layout quite like theirs! They have a composting toilet/office “room” and another full bathroom with a flush toilet. Their kitchen is full of drawers (and a dishwasher), and they have two lofts for their dogs and their ground-floor bedroom. Wow!

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Unique Tiny House Layout Even Includes a Dishwasher

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This is the Meadows Tiny House Community in Flat Rock, NC.

It’s a dedicated and legal tiny housing community located inside the Village of Wildflowers which is just a few minutes away from Asheville, NC.

Inside, you’ll find amenities like gardens, a clubhouse, ponds, dog parks, streams, nature trails, a pool, and more! Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thank you!

The Meadows Tiny House Community in Flat Rock, NC

The Meadows Tiny House Community in Flat Rock, NC

Images © The Village of Wildflowers via Facebook

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