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When COVID-19 shut down the theatre industry in London, it left Zoe and her partner in the lurch for work. But, they made lemons out of lemonade, and chased a long-time dream of living on the canalways of England in a narrowboat!

It’s significantly reduced their monthly living expenses, and given them their own space which they didn’t have in their previous pricey West London house share. They’ve only been on the water for a month, but are already loving being closer to nature.

I really love their narrowboat because it’s in “original” condition right now before they do some cosmetic updates, so you can see what old-fashioned narrowboats looked like! We got to do a Q&A with Zoe (@zogreenfield) which you can read after the photo tour below.

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Couple and Rescue Pup Continuously Cruising in Narrowboat

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