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Did you know there was a rush on narrowboats in the UK during the pandemic? Whether as a way to escape or to save money in the midst of financial crisis, people have been making the move to living on-the-water — including Suzi and Joe.

They used to pay high rent for an apartment in London, and commute three hours a day to their jobs. Now they both “work-from-boat,” spending far less on utilities and using their “Continuous Cruising” license, which keeps them moving every two weeks to some new beautiful spot.

While their first couple months on the water haven’t been easy, Suzi (@on_the_rhymer) says they’re loving their new home and eco-friendly lifestyle in their off-grid narrowboat. Read the rest of our Q&A with the couple after the photo tour!

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Couple’s Floating Home “On The Rhymer”

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