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Ever dream of a recording studio in a tiny house? Well, dream no more because here’s one you can see.

This is the “Rhapsodie” tiny house by Tiny House Baluchon. They built it for one of their customers, who just moved in a few months ago, and now look at it!

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The Rhapsodie Tiny House On Wheels With A Recording Studio!

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This is the story of Jessica Allossery and her 13ft 1969 Bailey Mikado travel trailer.

She uses it as a home away from home when she’s traveling and performing on tour. Here is our interview with her.

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Jessica Allossery’s 13ft 1969 Bailey Mikado Camper

Jessica Alloserys 13ft 1969 Vintage Bailey Travel Trailer 001

Images © The Lovely Indie

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In a recent comment, someone asked the question:

“As a skier, kayaker, biker rider, backpacker, organic vegetable gardener and food preserver, I would love to see more small homes that have folks who are living very active lives with the accoutrements that go with these lifestyles.”

I thought I might take a stab at addressing tiny house hobbies. Of course, as usual, I can only speak to my own experience. I hope that maybe other tiny house dwellers that have different and perhaps more complex hobbies can also chime into the conversation.

When I was thinking about our hobbies I realized that many of them, with the exception of two that I will get to later, are designed to use very few accessories.

guitar on the wall

I encourage you to read below to learn about our 5 tiny house friendly hobbies that you might want to do too:

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