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Small space furniture helps you create more storage with the same square footage thanks to smart design.

That’s why I went to visit my local Murphy Bed Center.

Also known as the More Space Place.

Surprisingly I hardly ever see many people utilizing Murphy beds in small spaces.

Maybe it’s because of the price, I don’t know.

But either way they seem to be a great solution for your tiny or small house.

Thanks to multipurpose furniture like this you’re able to…

  • Hide your bed up against the wall when you’re not using it
  • Bring down a desk that was otherwise hidden
  • Turn your living room into a guest bedroom

The possibilities can be endless. So here’s what I found while I was there.

Small Space Furniture #19 - Hidden Bed - Murphy Bed Center Small Space Furniture #19 - Hidden Bed - Murphy Bed Center

This is a really nice piece of furniture that can be great for guests.

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So I ran into this simple looking murphy bed over at ivgstores.com.

Murphy beds are great for small spaces but I have yet to find one inside of a Tumbleweed style tiny house (on wheels).

Has anyone else seen one?

One reason could be that these beds are rather expensive and the fact that most people use a loft or a large futon.

This bed starts at about $950 and the price will raise depending on the size and options you choose.


That’s all for this week’s Tiny House Furniture Issue. See you tomorrow!


Photo credit: IVGStores