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Last weekend on small space furniture #19 we explored murphy beds.

If you’re in a tiny or small house it’s important to choose the right furniture.

So I stumbled onto something called Mobile Wallbeds.


  • Easy to use
  • Easy to move
  • Good looking

And they also look comfortable because you get a full-sized regular spring mattress.

In addition, they offer a few different kinds of multipurpose beds which we’ll explore right here.

Hidden Bed & Desk

The most interesting part about this one is that if you in the middle of a project and just want to set up the bed to sleep, it’s no problem.

You don’t have to clear up your desk or anything. Just fold the bed down and the desk will be waiting for you as it was in the morning.

Here’s how it works

Desk that Turns to Bed
Photo Credits: Wallbeds ‘n More

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